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Principal's Message

LE Principal Message

Welcome to Lake Elementary!

I am inspired by how Lake Local Schools continues to be an innovative, engaging and family-oriented district deeply committed to its mission of “Educating generations, serving our community”.  Keeping the district’s Mission and Core Values in the forefront, we will continue to honor the traditions set by generations before us and build relationships that foster trust and collaboration here at Lake Elementary. We believe that parents are a key component in educating students, so let’s continue the tradition of working together. We will continue to be innovative, creative, inclusive, excited and set high expectations because when we work together it offers all staff and students the best opportunities for success. 

At Lake Elementary, we will continue to provide students with STEM resources and engage them in learning that is authentic as it relates to real life challenges and solutions.  Literacy is a vital component in all subject matters and will enhance their educational knowledge in every content area. In order to expand critical thinking skills, students need to create new ideas and then have the ability to evaluate and improve their strategies. We will encourage independent thinking, collaboration and group work activities. Every opportunity can serve a learning experience and contribute to a positive school culture.

Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns!


Joey Brightbill, Principal 
Lake Elementary School